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LFC300 Series Linear 3 Phase AC Power Source


The LFC300 Series Linear AC Power Source is integrated with the linear amplification circuit to ensure ultra-low noise and high stability. Users can easily develop programs to facilitate different applications especially to networking communication, audio and video equipment. This linear power source provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60Hz and it delivers wide output voltage range 3 phase 0-520V(Opt.1040V); frequency setting range 45-400Hz(Opt. 300-800Hz) adjustable, fixed 50/60Hz.

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Remote voltage feedback function to ensure the test voltage is consistent with the setting value.

Inrush current up to 5 times(3 times at 3 phase) of the peak current, allowing users to activate high inrush current loads(i.e. motor, compressor and so on).

Able to display the phase voltage per phase independently.

Real-time adjustment for the voltage& frequency instantly to save the time needed for the test.

Shortcut key lock, preventing the data from being modified due to any disoperation.

Either front panel or a remote RS-232 /485 control are available.

Precision True-RMS meter of volts, amps and power or power factor for displays and reports.

STEP and RAMP function: ideal for voltage and frequency variation tests and effectively reduces the inrush current during motor startup.



Phases3Ø4W + Ground
Voltage208, 220, 240 (3W+G), 380, 415, 480V (4W+G) ± 10%
Rated Power(kVA)36915203045
Max Current150V Range(A)8.416.825.2425484126
300V Range(A)4.28.412.621274263
Phases3Ø4W + Ground
VoltageLine to Neutral(V)0 - 150 V / 0 - 300 V Selectable(opt 0-600V)
Line to Line(V)0 - 260 V / 0 - 520 V Selectable(opt. 0-1040V)
FrequencyRange50/60Hz, 45-65Hz Adjustable(opt.45-400Hz)
MeasurementCurrent(RMS)Resolution: 1mA/10mA or 10mA/100mA Auto Range 
Accuracy: ±0.4%±0.3% F.S.±3 Counts±0.1%/100Hz
Voltage(RMS)Resolution: 0.1V
Accuracy: ±0.2%±0.3% F.S.±2 Counts±0.1%/100Hz
FrequencyResolution: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz Auto Range
Accuracy: ±0.1%±2 Counts±0.05%/100Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)≤ 0.3% (Resistive Load )
Voltage Regulation≤ 0.5%
Load Regulation≤ 0.5%
Frequency Regulation≤ 0.01%
Crest Factor≥ 3
ProtectionOver Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature,Over Load ,Phase Deficient, Low-voltage Protection, Alarms
Efficiency≥ 75% ( at full load )
Operating Temperature0° - 40° C / 32° - 104° F
Relative Humidity10-90%,non-condensing
4 Digit LED MetersVoltage, Current, Frequency,Power or Power factor(Optional)
Interface RS-232 standard(opt. RS-485)
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