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DSP Series High Power DC Power Supply


lOutput power up to 150kW per unit, output voltage up to 1500V and output current up to 1500A.

lUsing FPGA technology.

lStandard RS232 interface, optional RS485 and GPIB interface.

lCV/CC/CP models to satisfy different kinds of requirement.

l3 Groups of voltage, current and power for quick memory.

lWith power-off memory function, remember the last output parameters automatically.

l16bits high precision A/D converter for high precision voltage and current control and measurement.

lOption remote sense to reduce voltage drop caused by cable length.

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The DSP Series High Power DC Power Supply using PWM and FPGA technology, has the advantages of reliable quality, stable performance, high power, high current, high voltage, low ripple noise, fast transient response, high precision and high resolution.

The DSP Series can offer output voltage and current is up to 1500V and 1500A respectively. With its high performance, DSP series fits testing requirement of EV motor and compressor, PV inverter, renewable energy, quality burning test, or facility power perfectly.



20-50kW models


20-50kW models


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80-150kW models


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