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AVR Series Non-contact Voltage Stabilizer

  • Large screen LCD is used to display the working voltage, working current and various working states dynamically.

  • Anti-interference, strong purifying ability, no wave distortion.

  • Response time ≤ 40ms, compatible with all loads.

  • Three phases are regulated independently to ensure the balance of output voltage.

  • Modular design, assembly, debugging, replacement and maintenance are simple and quick.

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AVR series voltage regulator is a contactless voltage regulator with output power range from 10KVA to 3000KVA, which adopts SCR numerical control voltage stabilizing technology, and has large industrial power compensation range, high precision and efficiency up to 99%. It is Applicable to all electrical equipment.



Three phase output(10KVA-200KVA)


Three phase output ( 250KVA-2000KVA )


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